Collagen supplements for your skin

Collagen supplements for your skin

Up until now, there was no study backing up the claim that collagen drinks and tablets would prevent the anti-aging process and would make the skin smoother and softer. However, according to recent research, oral collagen supplements have been found extremely effective at increasing skin hydration and improving its texture.

Previously we have outlined the mainstream opinion of experts in this field, which is that collagen drinks are not the best solution for people who want to look young again, decrease their wrinkles and smooth out their skin. Anti-Aging oils

However, in light of recent studies, we can state that the positive effects of oral collagen supplements for your skin are unmistakable. Read on to discover what this study says and find out how you can benefit of the anti-aging effects of oral collagen.

The Background

Skin dryness combined with an accelerated fragmentation of collagen levels within the skin are the main reasons of skin aging. When we age, collagen breaks down, making the skin lose its elasticity and letting wrinkles and fine lines emerge on the face.

Having enough collagen in the body is essential for enjoying a nutrient-rich skin with a firm texture. Unfortunately, people lose about 1% of collagen a year. At age 50+, most women and men would have already lost half of their collagen levels.

To better understand the key role of collagen for the health of your skin, here is an image that shows the difference between a young skin with a high level of collagen and an old skin with low levels of collagen.

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