The Right Way To Dress For A Wedding

The Right Way To Dress For A Wedding

Preparation for a wedding can be exhausting. Planning a venue, inviting guests, transport to and from the venue, the after party, the DJ, the food, the cake… sometimes it’s mind blowing how much needs to be done for that big day. But one of the most important things and also one of the most stressful things is deciding what to wear on the big day.

We’ve got you covered in this article, as we highlight a few key points of what to wear to your wedding for both groom and bride.

The Groom

You’d think the groom had an easier job but it’s sometimes harder for the groom. Why? Because the attention is off them, the budget is often a lot smaller than what the Bride has to spend on her outfit and also the time to get ready is less. But how do you pull off a good look without spending a lot of time and money?

Avoid renting a suit and go out and buy a classic, timeless, navy, black or grey suit. By buying one you own it and this means you can get it altered to fit your body perfectly. Renting should be avoided because what makes a wedding suit look good is how it fits. You won’t find a rented suit which fits perfectly, and there’s a lot of cheap suits out there for you to choose from.

Pair a classic suit with a waistcoat, a white shirt, a tie and then accessorise with a pocket square and cufflinks. Nice and simple, but highly effective.

Lizzie & Alex - Burhill Golf Club Wedding


If it’s a summer wedding, take a look at this video which should help.

More advice on what to wear to a wedding for men can be read here.

The Bride

For the bride you want to express your personality with your dress. You’ve probably been thinking about the ideal dress for your whole life, but turning that vision into reality often takes time and stress. Going vintage is popular, or wearing a dress worn within the family can be a nice touch. Again, alterations are key to make sure they fit you perfectly.


As opposed to the advice for the groom, go for a rented dress as buying a wedding dress can be costly. There are options online if you are looking to buy, and remember to get them altered to fit. Apply your final touches, add some expression through accessories and don’t forget the hair and make up to make you look stunning on your big day.

So there we have it, hopefully this advice helps.

Enjoy your big day!

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