What makes a good Best Man

What makes a good Best Man

The role of best man is an important honour for you, it shows that the Groom trusts you and regards you as one of his best friends. However the honour of being a best man has its down side i.e.; responsibility for ensuring that the wedding day runs smoothly. The majority of the planning and organising of the happy event is usually undertaken by the bride and the bride’s mother, which can take over a year to sort out. Your role is to look after the Groom and help to make the day run smoothly.

Before the wedding your biggest responsibility is to sort out the stag night ensuring that the groom has a great time on his last day of freedom. The stag night is usually the night before the wedding day but because of the possibility of horrible hangovers and people getting lost it is sometimes held the week before the wedding to give everybody time to recover. This would be my preference but it’s not always possible because some guests may have to travel a long way and will need the stag night to be close to the wedding day. It is your responsibility as the best man to organise this to give the best result. There is always one friend at least who will think it’s great fun to tie up the groom naked in the high street during the stag night, it’s your duty to look after the groom and protect him from this, not take part in it.


After the stag night the most important duty for the best man is to get the groom to the church or wedding venue on time, dressed correctly with the wedding ring and in an unstressed condition. This last requirement is probably impossible but you should do your best to reduce his worry by being in control and managing the situation with the help of the ushers. Wedding cars may have been organised for the bride and some of the guests but the groom normally makes his own way to the church with the best man. You should ensure you have a back up plan to get you both to the wedding venue half an hour before the wedding is due to start. Keep a few phone numbers of taxi companies in your mobile phone just in case there is an emergency.

After you have looked after the groom successfully and he is married your major responsibilities are over except for the speech. There are lots of articles giving advice on wedding speeches and I won’t give any major advice here except to advise you don’t say anything too controversial that may upset any of the guests. Good luck.

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